"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."

"A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion."

"Moreover, such a body freed from nervous tension and over-fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living." -Joseph H. Pilates



New client specials

Crash Course*
Three 30 minute one on one sessions. The first is a postural & movement analysis and goal setting session with an introduction to Pilates principles, the second is a review of the principles applying them to the mat work, and the third applies the principles to the equipment. $99

Test Drive*
Three 55 minute one on one sessions as an introduction to the Pilates method. $150

*New client specials may be purchased only once. No additional offers apply.

Two Weeks Unlimited

$50 - non equipment
$80 - all access

This is a great way to try the studio and several classes without breaking the bank 


One on One Training
55 minute sessions with a Pilates trainer all to yourself. One on one sessions not only can be tailored to your individual goals, but can be adaptive moment to moment because you have your trainer's full attention.

Single session-$80
6 sessions-$468 ($78 per session)
12 Sessions-$900 ($79 per session)
24 Sessions-$1680 ($70 per session)

Partner Training
55 minute sessions shared with a partner. A fun way to offset the cost of training one on one.

Single session price per person $50
6 sessions per person $288 ($48 per session)
12 sessions per person $592 ($46 per session)
24 sessions per person $1008 ($42 per session)

Non Equipment Group Classes

This is our unique barre class that is based on the principles of mat Pilates. The class combines all the benefits of barre and Pilates, providing an invigorating total body workout while focusing and strengthening the core muscles. This is an open level class.

Mat Classes
Group class is limited to 10 participants on the mat using one's own body for resistance sometimes incorporating small props.

Single class $18

6 class package $102 ($17 per class)
12 class package $192 ($16 per class)
24 class package $360 ($15 per class)

Pilates Rebounding
A total body workout that is fun, fat-burning, core strengthening and burns up to 500 calories in 50-minutes. Enjoy the cardiovascular and health benefits of rebounding combined with the core-strengthening and aligning benefits of Pilates.

Single class $18

6 class package $102 ($17 per class)
12 class package $192 ($16 per class)
24 class package $360 ($15 per class)

Come to this class prepared to sweat and party! This cardio class blends dance rhythms from all over Latin America with a bit of jazz, hip hop and a whole lot of fun. No dance experience is necessary and steps are easy to follow, suitable for beginners and new choreography is explained before each song. Students are encouraged to freestyle and have a great time! Bring a towel, shoes with flexible soles and a smile!

Cardio Sculpt

In Cardio Sculpt class we perform exercises using hand weights, bands, and other tools to gain strength, alternating with bursts of cardio intervals, to speed up your metabolism and burn calories. With a focus on proper form, the class will safely work all your major muscle groups. Incorporating core work and stretching, Cardio Sculpt gives you a total body workout, which you can adjust to your own level of fitness.


Advanced Group Equipment
This class is for students with experience on the equipment. This class goes beyond beginner group equipment because the pace is faster, there is less explanation, and we tackle more challenging exercises in every class. Instructor permission is required.

Smart Cardio
Smart Cardio is a cardio and strength based class with choreographed sequences that utilize small props such as free weights, bands, balls, and Pilates circles. The class will be built upon the idea that exercise will be more effective and results will be more achievable when proper technique, form, and placement are the main focus versus simply just moving through the motions. The class will be open to all fitness levels and both modifications to simplify as well as variations to intensify will be given throughout.

EXO Chair
An advanced group equipment class using the EXO chair as its focus. 

Get the best of Pilates mat strengthening and yoga flexibility. In Pilates/Yoga Combo, you will Strengthen the deepest layers of your abdominal muscles, improve your posture, ease lower back tension, and stretch tight areas like the hamstrings and shoulders. The seamless combination of challenging Pilates moves with yoga based stretching, ends with a guided meditation to clear your mind. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

A 45 minute cardio challenge using the reformer and jumpboard. Previous reformer experience recommended. 

45 minute sessions with 3-4 participants. Class can be reformer based, chair based, or mixed apparatus. Students can commit to a regular time or float within the schedule.

Single class $30

6 class package $174 ($29 per class)
12 class package $336 ($28 per class)
24 class package $648 ($27 per class)

Rates for Unlimited Group Class Packages

$200 per month for mat, Pilates Rebounding, PILOXING & Barre

$300 per month for all access.

Minimum three month commitment for unlimited packages

Appointment and class reservations that are cancelled with less than 12 hours notice will be charged the value of that session.